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*1976 Gottlieb Card Whiz Pinball Machine. Professionally restored to "A+" cond*

Auction ends March 15, 2019 - 10:19

1976 Gottlieb Card Whiz in fully &
professionally  restored “A+” condition.

in June 1976 this machine is 1038 of a production run of 3250 units.
This is a one off unique machine for the
real pinball enthusiast  It has been fully
restored to “as new” condition in virtually every respect    I guarantee there is not a finer example of this beautiful Electro-mechanical Pinball machine  outside of the USA.   It is a collectors dream.   The machine  has undergone the following….. 

full refinishing (inside & out)
of the Play-field Cabinet, in the original designs and colours complete with
original webbing.
A new Back-glass,
(almost all faded in  the reds), New Chrome Legs, Levellers
& Bolts, New Front Door, Ball Shooter Assembly Play-field Apron,  Drop Targets etc.  Flipper Assemblies have been professionally
converted to DC operation to reduce noise and increase power.  Rebuilt Bumpers and Slingshots,  Replacement Play-field Plastics where required.
The entire play-field has been stripped, cleaned, professionally retouched,
waxed & re-rubbered.
Any suspect or faulty lamp-holders have been
replaced.  All Relays, Steppers Motors
etc  have been  refurbished , re-sprung where required
cleaned, adjusted and  the operation  is 100% to full Gottlieb specification It even
has a new “Premium” Ball.

complete with all paperwork including new Score and Instruction Cards,
Operators Manual and full Schematic.  It  has the proper  twin slot cash-box and unbelievably, the
original Gottlieb  Play-field Glass (surviving
42 years)  It even has a new
replacement front door Decal!      It is
a great, but challenging game to play and can be seen, played and enjoyed in
Hastings East Sussex.  There is only one
person in the UK that can better my restorations and he knows who he is (GM).
restoration cost alone has exceeded £2000, so no silly offers of time-wasters please.  I will keep this one rather than
sell it for a stupid price.  If you want
the very best it does cost!   I am seeking £2900 for this beautiful machine but will consider offers / part exchange for non working pinball    I am prepared to deliver within 75 miles of M25 for fuel costTwo "dreamers" have left small (non-refundable) cash deposits but failed to purchase.  Please do not mess around!  

have many more pictures including that of the actual restoration  upon request  

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