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BMC TMR01 Dura Ace Di2 54cm frame

For sale with original receipts,this 54cm BMC TMR01 Dura Ace Di2 model 2013.
This bike has always been stored indoors when not used ,covered with blanket.
When used it has ONLY been taken out on dry days when I know not even a drop will fall from the skies.
This bike cost me literally an arm and leg when I bought it from Evans Cycles in Bristol and fell in love with it straight away to the point that it has been cherished,maybe overly.
The bike carries full Shimano Dura ace Di2 9000 throughout with the battery located in the seatpost.
Charger/cables etc.supplied with bike along with a CD for maintainence if needed.
The front crankset was changed on purchase to a Dura ace 9000 52/36 165 semi compact as I didn’t want to be pushing to big a gear on the...

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