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Ford Cortina 1976 MK3 3.0 XLE Interceptor.

Cortina 3.0 XLE. 1976 Beautiful condition throughout rust free RHD Picture taken 23/3/19 Must be seen to be appreciated She had triple Webber carbs on from factory iwhen I bought her I’ve been told only 20 were special made for the South Africans Police force, and were given to commanding officers as take home company cars, It’s the only one in the UK I believe.
I had the brakes and car overhauled when I bought her in 2014, she nowruns on unleaded Fuel.
Shes only done 30K miles I bought her from the police commander who bought her from the SA police force when she was 5 years old, he also dry stored the car in 1984 until I bought her from him in 2013. UK V5 PRESENT CLASSIC INSURANCE ...

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