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Gretsch ''Firebird' electric guitar 6131

Rising from the past like the beautiful, lone Phoenix, the Firebird proves again its immortality.
Crafted of solid Mahogany with a maple top and rosewood fingerboard.
The brilliant, fire engine red top and polished mahogany body will ignite an audience and the gold plated hardware adds fuel to the fire.
Special Gretsch Filtertron pickups liquify that sound!This rare Beauty from 1990 has been stored by collector, not played.
Serial No: 903131-203 tells us it was made in 1990 during March, mod: 131 and No: 203 manufactured that yearNeck:Mahogany neckRosewood fingerboardBound fingerboard and headstockHump block inlaid position markers  24 1/2" scale body joined at 16th fretAdjustable truss rodPearl inlaid headstockNickel silver frets&nbsp...

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