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Harley sportster 1200

Auction ends March 15, 2019 - 08:07

We've owned this since 2004.
Manufactured in 1994, first registered in the UK 1996.
Mainly summer use, but has been all over Europe.
Has been totally reliable over the 15 years we have had its.
Always well maintained.
Some small one off stainless custom parts, such as speedo mount, spacers in the indicators, brake line mountings.
Converted to twin disc.
Good reliable Harley. Used but never abused, it is 25 years old, so not showroom condition.
Needs a peg to hold the choke cable out, but then could always buy a new choke cable.
Viewing welcome.
It has a short MOT, but I'm happy to put it through, so it will come with 12 months.

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