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vzr1800 for sale great condition only 12.500 miles new bike forces sale also have a full standard one too go with it but the crankshaft is broken and there is no exhaust on it i have both the logbooks in my name 5,500 for the 2 of them O7787426995

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Item popularity - 228 views, 16 views per day (Quite popular), 14 days on eBay, 0 bids, 0 sold, 1 available.

Seller quality - feedback score 396, 100.0 positive feedback (Top seller no problems),

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Sale end date2020-09-16 09:07:20
EBay ID264863705927
Current price£0.00
Current bid£5500.00
Buy It Now price£0.00
Listing durationDays_3
Listing typeFixedPriceItem
Listing locationmilford haven
Category ID9808
Category nameCars, Motorcycles & Vehicles:Motorcycles & Scooters:Suzuki
User feedback score394
User feedback percentage100.0 %
User registered since2012-01-06 00:00:00
Number of bids0
Reserve mettrue
Eligible for second chancefalse
Listing statusCompleted
Start price5500.00
Item conditionUsed
Item views228
Item has reserve pricefalse

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